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Mid Day Meal

No hungry people conception by Power of Unity started with a thought of serving to the Social Organizations within the space of fundraising to confirm that Social Programs don't take a back seat because of the shortage of funds. With the assistance of kind-hearted philanthropies, we started the nourishing Mid Day Meal Program and complete that this idea ought to spread across the state then rest of the nation.

Pioneering No Hungry people Free Food Program is targeted towards distributing hot, nutrient and fresh foods to poor & hungry people across pockets of poorness in Hyderabad. We’ve got weekly nutrient meal coverage of hungry youngsters and our daily food distribution program is sleek,economical and dependable.

Our belief is that the nourishing Mid Day Meal Program has a vital “socialization role”. Food ought to be served in an organized, dignified, equitable, friendly manner. Towards this, our model nourishing meals and free food program routine strictly observes the subsequent serving rules

  • All our meals are served in a very clean open space that has been swept wing earlier daily.
  • All youngsters are made to clean their hands with soap before taking food.
  • The Adequate amount is served with a second helping if needed.
  • Absolutely No wastage of food, with any additional food, if any, re-distributed to the poor.
  • Safe and clean disposal of Paper Plates and Cups.