Spread the Word

You can contribute to the Power of Unity Foundation's cause by serving to us get the utmost quantity of community support as potential. You may try this by downloading the power of Unity material and utilizing it to help learn of our organization out there.

Help children with food & education

Small gestures will have a giant impact. produce a bearing where it matters.

Start a Campaign: sign up or register and make an online fundraising campaign by filling at intervals the required details.

Create Awareness: Once the campaign has been created, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and alternative social media channels and let your friends acknowledge.

Raise Funds: Tell your friends and family that they'll support the Power of Unity by contributory to your purposeful campaign.

Make an Impact: apprehend every one} the funds raised through your campaign are utilized to provide nutritious meals to high school youngsters each day!

Create Fundraising Campaign

A fundraising campaign is associate degree initiative to assemble voluntary contributions by involving your friends and family. The money raised in these campaigns are used to feed youngsters making the most of Power of Unity faculty lunch programmed.

You can take up an online fundraising campaign on the web website. Once you choose a fundraising to arrange and complete the desired formalities,your campaign is live. You’ll be able to then share it on your social media channels to form awareness regarding identical and realize people to present to the campaign.

You will be ready to celebrate special occasions with us – birthdays, anniversaries and additionally variety – by creating a fundraising campaign.

You’ll be able to put together fix upon a charity fundraising amount you'd wish to carry.

Fund Raise with Us